Candyman (2020)

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Candyman figure with a yellow coat and a link as a right hand is reflected in one of the young men’s mirrors. Speaking of urban legends, the name Candyman’s full movie is certainly one story that continues to be told. Even a horror film about the legend was made in 1992 followed by two sequels, starring Tony Todd as Candyman.

According to legend, if you look in the mirror and chant the name “Candyman” five times, it will appear behind you and kill you with the hook. Candyman himself is known as a cruel killer with a bloodied hook in his hand. He emerged from the mirror with a form covered in blood and bees with the desire to kill.

Quoted from various sources, many years ago, Candyman is a real man. Candyman is a black slave named Daniel Robitaille, who works on a plantation in New Orleans. He is a talented painter and was chosen by the plantation owner to paint his daughter.

But Daniel fell in love with the estate owner’s daughter. When the owner of the racist estate found that his daughter and his slave fell in love, he aroused an angry mob and drove Daniel out of the city. Armed with a pitchfork and a group of dogs, they chased the poor slave across fields and rivers. Finally, they caught up with the tired slave near an old barn.

The bad guys beat Daniel and cut off his right hand with a rusty saw. Then they cover it with honey and throw it into the beehive. Poor Candyman was in great pain and died from his injuries. But before he died, he cursed those who killed him and vowed to return and take revenge.

His soul has never rested in peace and is now wandering. He will appear when his name is mentioned five times. So remember, you can call Candyman once, twice, thrice or four times. But don’t ever say it five times or you will regret it.