Commando 3

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Two young Omar and Usman were arrested along with their mentor Subhan after receiving the information. Omar and Umar’s real names were Amit and Rakesh, he became a terrorist after watching Buraq Ansori’s (Gulshan Devaiah)provocative propaganda video. Indian intelligence does not know its identity and name. Realizing he was planning a large-scale terrorist attack in India and the festival period was soon to arrive, senior intelligence officer, Roy asked his most trusted and courageous officer, Karanveer Singh (Vidyut Jammwal), to handle the case.

Karanveer learned about the video records and currencies found at the homes of Usman Omar and Subhan sourced from London. While Roy was aware of Subhan talking about the 9/11 attacks repeatedly and also by chance, it was Diwali Day. Only 33 days for Diwali, Karanveer was immediately sent to London to track down the Buraq. He was assisted in this mission by Bhavana Reddy, who is no longer corrupt but still loves Karanveer.

In London, they were given local assistance by two British intelligence agents, Mallika Sood (Angira Dhar) and Armaan Akhtar (Sumeet Thakur). After carefully passing through many suspects, in the end the four managed to find the identity of the Buraq and also he ran the restaurant. Not only that, they found him divorced from his wife Zahira and he really loved his son Abeer.

Therefore Karanveer pursued his son and also led him to resilience, together with Zahira who was aware of Buraq’s activities and therefore agreed to be a witness. Buraq was angry with the turn of events so he decided to advance the date of the attack to destroy the unconscious Indians.

Realizing the attack was not Diwali but before that, Karan decided to continue by himself joining his team. After the battle, which killed all of Buraq’s henchmen, Karan injected Buraq to take him away because he was unconscious. Mallika and Bhavan rescued Abeer, Karan was picked up by his agency’s helicopter and escorted to a cargo ship to India. Karan and the police are trying to find the targeted city.

Karan found targeted cities and released a video asking people to understand the value of religious unity. People prepare to face terrorists, they join forces with police officers so that terrorists are caught. Karan killed Buraq, and handed Abeer to the father of the suspect who had died.

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