Mob Town 2019

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In early 1957 Sergeant Ed. Croswell police officer in the small town of Apalachin New York who had stopped Carmine Gigante who was a member of a group from Mafioso who was accused of being led by a man named Joe Barbara. But when a lawyer stopped the arrest thanks to a corrupt state judge, Croswell was displeased.

6 months later, Joe Barbara was asked by the newly released Vito Genovese who is the head of the horde based in New York City, to be able to take his place a seat for family heads from mobsters across the country. By the time Joe Barbara prepared to prepare a place for the meeting, Ed Croswell did not forget what had happened.

As he slowly began a relationship with a widow named Natalie Passantino, he began to understand certain things that happened in the city. Because Ed Croswell was convinced that he could try to stop Barbara, at first his boss was reluctant to let him continue the case. But Ed Croswell still found himself struggling with his instincts and when it came down, the police made a decision that would forever change America’s view of organized crime.

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Duration: 90 Min