My Bossy Girl (2019)

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My Bossy Girl is a South Korean film that aired on December 4, 2019. The original title of the movie My Bossy Girl full movie in Korean is 너의 여자 친구 or Neoui Yeojachingu.

The 100-minute long film is a genre of romantic comedy-drama. This film was written and directed by Lee Jang Hee. The producer of the movie My Bossy Girl 2019 is Jung Gwi Ho.

Synopsis My Bossy Girl

Hwi So (Ji Il-joo) is a university student majoring in engineering. He has a warm heart but lacks inability. Hwi So enjoys making robots, but he doesn’t have a lover.

One day, there was a university festival where students spread their charms. There are 3 men from the robot club, declaring Smart Avengers of Engineering College.

One of the 3 men is Hwi So. They have never dated a woman for 9888 days. Suddenly in Hwi So’s life, a woman named Hye Jin appeared. The shy Hwi So tries to open up to Hye Jin (Lee Elijah).

He also learned about love through books and YouTube. Can Hwi So get Hye Jin’s love?

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Genre: Comedy, Romance
Duration: 100 Min