The Babysitters (2007)

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The Babysitters full movie is a 2007 independent drama film directed by David Ross. These stars are Katherine Waterston, John Leguizamo, and Cynthia Nixon. The story follows a teenager who turns his parenting service into a girl’s vocation service for married men after fooling one of his customers.

Synopsis The Babysitters

The film begins with a voice spoken by Shirley Lyner (Waterston) as we show her care services, a cabin with middle-aged men and teenage girls. A flashback takes us to Shirley, who was picked up by Michael Beltran (Leguizamo) for childcare work. After finishing, they eat together and flirt with each other. Michael is frustrated with his wife and Shirley finds men his age too young.

Michael and his wife Gail (Nixon) meet with friend Michael Jerry (Comeau), who has a business offer for Michael. Gail was frustrated because Michael wanted to accept it, while Michael was curious about the train yard left behind the restaurant that Gail didn’t like. When Michael was driving at Shirley’s house that night, they stopped in the train yard and explored it, finally sharing a kiss and having sex. Michael pays Shirley extra.

Melissa (Lauren Birkell) discovers the truth about Shirley’s childcare program and Michael tells Jerry about it. Michael asks Shirley if there is a close friend who can “take care” and her friend Melissa. Shirley asks him for 20% of the money as a discount that Melissa agrees. They convince their friend Brenda (Louisa Krause) to take a job looking after children too and the girls set up a business that works, as far as making business cards printed. Michael learns that Shirley is caring for someone other than her, which makes her uncomfortable.

Problems arise when Brenda invites her rude and aggressive sister, Nadine (Halley Wegryn Gross) into the group without checking with Shirley. He immediately started a rival business behind Shirley’s back, and Shirley began losing customers. Shirley confronts Brenda and Brenda agrees to find Nadine’s room. He reported that he found nothing. With Michael on watch, Shirley and Melissa searched for Nadine’s locker but found nothing. They threw away the school to hide their true motives.

Melissa took Shirley with fake permission to travel to Jerry’s cottage over the weekend. Girls will go under the trust of school trips, while people will be there on “business retreats”. Michael felt uncomfortable with Shirley with the other people at the party. Jerry had supplied illegal drugs at the party and tried to rape Brenda.

Brenda wants to stop and Shirley agrees but Melissa is worried Brenda will talk. Melissa has several of their customers attacking and threatening Brenda’s brothers, while Shirley is angry at Melissa.

Michael’s wife confronted him about distance and that he had lied about his work situation and Michael finally voiced some of his frustration about the marriage, while Gail responded with his wife. Michael tries to encourage Shirley to run away with him, while Shirley reminds him that this is only business and he deceives himself. He then tried to unsuccessfully contact Brenda. He heard that Nadine was raising without her knowledge and called Melissa, who was with Jerry, and they would face her. Shirley discovered that it was her own father who was with Nadine.

The film ends with another voiceover by Shirley. Across Michael’s house, Shirley sees Michael interacting with his family.