Tokyo Ghoul ‘S’ (2019)

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Tokyo Ghoul S is a live-action film adapted from the Japanese manga ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ by Sui Ishida. The Tokyo Ghoul S film was directed by Kazuhiko Hiramaki and Takuya Kawasaki.

As for the Tokyo Ghoul S movie script written by Chuji Mikasano. Tokyo Ghoul S is a continuation of the Tokyo Ghoul film that aired in 2017. This Tokyo Ghoul S film was released in Japan on July 19, 2019.


This story centers on a world where humans who coexist with so-called ‘ghouls’ need to eat human flesh. Ken Kaneki (Masataka Kubota) is a student who is half ‘ghoul’ and half-human. Ken Kaneki is still adjusting to his double life as a human during the day and as a high-powered cannibal at night.

Ken took shelter and was trained by several other meat-eaters who ran the Anteiku Café coffee shop. In the film Tokyo Ghoul S, a new character named Gourmet will be introduced. Gourmet is a terrible and powerful serial killer. Gourmet itself has a tendency to eat certain body parts of its victims.

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Tagline:To Eat Or To Be Eaten
Duration: 97 Min