Bad Boys for Life (2020)

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Bad Boys for Life, the action-comedy genre film will air in 2020 with the return of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The movie trailer for Bad Boys for Life was released on September 4, uploaded by Sony Pictures.

The film, which features police life, will also star in Vanessa Hudgens, Joe Pantoliano (Captain Howard), Happy Anderson (Jenkins), and Kate del Castilo. Bad Boys for Life is the third film planned to be aired on January 17 next. His first film, Bad Boys, was released in 1995, and his second film, Bad Boys 2, was released in 2003.

If seen, the distance between each film is quite far, which is eight years between the first and second films, and 17 years from the second film to the third film.

Synopsis Bad Boys for Life

Opened with a car chase scene on a sunny afternoon on the streets of Miami, Mike Lowery (Will Smith) drives recklessly accompanied by his colleague Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), avoiding other police chases.

They were speeding not because they were pursuing a runaway criminal, but because Marcus had to rush to the hospital to see his newborn grandson. The opening scene is a bit of an illustration of what will happen in the film “Bad Boys for Life,” a potion containing formulas of action, comedy, and drama that are formulated with the right dose.

Mike and Marcus are pictures of two friends who have opposite personalities. Marcus came from a middle-class family that was more family-oriented, while Mike was a wealthy single man who enjoyed freedom.

That difference is precisely the recipe for their long-lasting relationship. They are like Yin and Yang, Mike is the cool one, while Marcus is the funny one. The presence of each other complement each other, all feels less if they are not together. That’s why Mike felt lost, even a little hopeless when Marcus wanted to retire. Their age is indeed not young. Mike and Marcus responded in their way. His new status as a grandfather made Marcus increasingly want to retire and relax at home.

Marcus’s establishment to retire faltered when Mike, who was considered by his own family, his life targeted by mysterious criminals. Mike and Marcus reunite to uncover who is the brain behind the threats directed at Mike and those around him.

Mike’s mood swings can be seen from what he is wearing, the work of the Dayna Pink costume designer. Mike initially wore bright and brightly colored clothing, but his dress turned dark after his life was threatened, a symbol of his anger.

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