Fighting with My Family (2019)

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Fighting with My Family, directed and written by Stephen Merchant, carries the genre of biography, comedy and drama. This film tells the story of struggling with family.

The story is inspired by the true story of WWE Superstar Paige (TM), extraordinary and moving. Born into a very tight wrestling family, the Paige family (Florence Pugh) and her brother Zak (Jack Lowden) are very happy when they get the chance of a lifetime to try WWE.


Paige and his brother Zak, when they were young, had fought over the television remote. Paige watched Charmed, but Zak wanted to watch wrestling. The two start fighting for each other over the remote, until finally their action is caught by his father, Patrick (Nick Frost).

Instead of stopping the fight between his two children, Patrick instead gave and taught them wrestling techniques. The beginning that made the two siblings love the wrestling world. Until finally Paige turned 18 years old. He and Zak (Jack Lowden) teach wrestling classes for children in their family’s wrestling gym.

Not only training but both of them also appeared to take part in the amateur wrestling league run by Patrick and their mother Julia (Lena Headey). At the same time Zak’s girlfriend, Courtney became pregnant, and the Bevis family told Courtney’s parents to come for dinner.

Zak pleaded with his family to reduce the high notes and be a bit friendly to Courtney’s parents. But still, the Patrick family’s personality could not be removed, until it shocked Courtney’s parents. Not to mention coupled with stories about how when Patrick was once a villain and Julia the wife had never felt life on the streets.

Courtney’s parents became increasingly worried that Saraya and Zak’s brother, Roy, was currently in prison for violent crime.

But good news came as the dinner was taking place, Patrick’s family received a telephone call that the recording of Zak and Saraya’s submission was reviewed by WWE, and they had been chosen to come and were asked to take part in a series of local trials.

No doubt it makes them very happy. When they enter the trial, they meet The Rock (Dwayne Johnson as himself). They really starstruck and ask him for advice. He shouted at them – but this eventually became part of the conversation.

The sibling goes to a training run by Hutch Morgan (Vince Vaughn). Saraya chose the stage name “Paige,” named after the character of Charmed. At the end of the trial, Paige was the only person chosen to advance to NXT in Florida.

Saraya chased after Hutch, saying that she had to go with her sister’s brother. Then Hutch refused, but Saraya said that he would not go without her. Until Zak asked him to reconsider it, to do it for the family. Saraya surrendered until she was willing to hear her family say goodbye at the airport when she left for training.

Various stories ago by Paige in undergoing training until finally, he dropped the ring directly to enter the WWE competition. Will Paige succeed and succeed in going through a career at WWE? Or instead, there are other things that will be presented in this film Fighting with My Family.