I Kill Giants (2017)

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From the film producer Harry Potter, now comes the film I Kill Giants, which is one of the films that are in great demand by film lovers because of the presence of two of the film’s top artists namely Zoe Saldana (Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar) and Imogen Poots (Sweet Virginia, 28 weeks later ). Madison Wolfe (The Conjuring 2, Joy) Madison Wolfe will play the character of Barbara, a teenage girl who likes to kill giants. Yup, the giants and the drama is a fantasy thriller.

I Kill Giants, which was adapted from the comic work of Joe Kelly in 2009, was released starting March 23, 2018, through Video on Demand and lasted 106 minutes. The film was filmed by Ocean Blue Entertainment, XYZ Film and 1492. This picture was filmed in Belgium at AED Studio. This budget film is quite large at 15 million dollars.

Synopsis of the film I Kill Giants

Barbara Thorson (Madison Wolfe) is a moody and unfriendly teenage girl who lives with Karen (Imogen Poots), an older sister and brother in an unmanageable country on the windy Long Island. Their parents were absent, for reasons that would be revealed during the film trip.

Barbara’s sworn job is a wounded man. He goes about the pitfalls of business negotiations and makes anti-monster potions to protect the city from the defenses of the giants they are not aware of. Barbara never agrees without being invited, as an entertainer to her “spirit guide”) she is a small rain cloud at home while her sister Karen tries to forge supportive ties, and she is ostracized in her environment and is not friendly at school.

A new girl Sophia (Sydney Wade) arrives and is interested in her eccentricity, and a BP teacher or school counselor, Molle (Zoe Saldana) tries to break through to him. Is the amazing giant by Barbara really real or is it just imaginary? I killed the Giants from a case of inappropriate timing, with the fantasy drama appearing sometime after the release of “A Monster Calls,”

The latter is also a better film, but “I Kill Giants” goes a little further with immersion in denial, using inspiration from graphic novels (by JM Ken Niimura and Joe Kelly, who are also scripts) to push them down to add to the desired frenzy. A teenage girl and a big challenge will make a big revolution near housing on Long Island.

The picture certainly has a pure intention to break a broken heart and opposition to children who fight unimaginable struggles at home and school, but not enough stories to make an effort to remain engrossed, looking for stories that match sincerity.

I Kill the Giant came to a definite conclusion, maybe one that didn’t appeal to film students, but he went somewhere with Barbara. This is a journey to a problematic end, finding an interesting shortage scenario, vulnerable to repetition and communication problems that are difficult to put up throughout the picture to preserve an emotional climax.

I Kill Giants showcases CGI creations, competition issues, and survival instincts, but they all feel free, with material that might be best suited for short films, where they can develop and heal organically.

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Duration: 106 Min
Budget:$ 15.100.000,00