Interstellar (2014)

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Interstellar is in the future when the destruction of planet Earth begins. War has reduced population, and a plant disease called ‘blight’ leaves humans at risk of starvation to death.

Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a former NASA pilot, and a widower raised his two children with his father-in-law on his farm. His daughter, Murphy (Mackenzie Foy), is often haunted in their home. According to Murphy or often called Murp, the ghost lived in his room behind his bookshelf.

Synopsis Interstellar

One day after a severe dust storm, gravity disturbance left a series of lines on the floor of Murphy’s room. Cooper investigates and realizes that the lines are coordinates. Cooper and Murph follow the coordinates to NASA’s secret facilities.

There they found a robot with artificial intelligence, a group of scientists who were trying to launch a giant spaceship, and Dr. Brand, former Cooper professor. Dr. Brand tells them that a wormhole appeared mysteriously near Saturn a few years ago.

NASA sent a group of scientists through a wormhole to try and find habitable planets to move humanity. If they cannot relocate humanity by launching all facilities into space, plan B is to restart humanity with the prepared human embryos. A scientist has been sent to the wormhole, but the scientist has not yet returned.

They begged Cooper to drive a spaceship to overtake the scientist. Cooper agreed, considering the imminent threat to humanity on earth was more important at the time. Cooper reluctantly had to leave Murphy on Earth. The crew consisted of Cooper, Romilly, Doyle, and Dr. Brand, Dr. Brand.

They head for Saturn and can send and receive video messages back home from their space station. Because of his frustration with his father, Murphy always refused to talk to Cooper. On the other side of the wormhole, the crew has to make difficult decisions.

They don’t have enough fuel to visit more than two planets. In addition, some planets have greater gravitational pull, and time will move slower for them on this planet than on earth. The next complicated thing is the location of a black hole near the planet that can capture them with its gravity.

The crew chose to land on a large planet. You only ship for a few hours, but when they get older they become very old. The crew uses their last fuel to visit the planet Dr. Mann, a NASA astronaut who inspired a mission through a wormhole. They found Dr. Mann, but apparently he faked the signs of life on his planet to be saved from the frozen planet.

Mann hijacked their ship and caused serious damage to the space station that was trying to dock. Meanwhile, Murph has grown to become Dr.’s assistant A leading brand. He found that plan A was Dr. Brand.

In fact, they had no knowledge from the beginning to launch facilities into space. He told his father about this in a video message to the space station. Back at the space station, Cooper suspects that if they can collect data from black holes, they might find out what they need to launch facilities into space and save humanity.

Cooper decided to launch himself into a black hole with one of their robots. In the black hole, Cooper found himself hanging in space, in the physical representation of time and space in Murphy’s bedroom. Cooper discovered the fact that he was the ghost of Murphy’s room.

Humans in the future have chosen Murphy to save them by solving the mystery of launching the facility into space. Cooper gave Murphy the data needed from the black hole to launch facilities into space and then he was ejected from the black hole and into the wormhole.

Cooper was found floating in space at some distant point in the future. He was taken to the space station where he met Murphy, who was very old. Murphy became a heroine, after finding the technology to save them from a dying earth. At the end of the story, Cooper set out on a mission to save Brand, who started a colony on a distant but livable planet.

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Tagline:Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.
Duration: 169 Min
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