The Other Side of the Door (2016)

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The Other Side of The Door is an American-British horror film directed by Johannes Roberts. The story in this film was written by Johannes Roberts and Ernest Riera. This horror film is played by Sarah Wayne Callies, Jeremy Sisto, Javier Botet, and Sofia Rosinsky.

The film was first released in the United Kingdom and America on March 4, 2016. The Other Side of the Door starting budget of 5 million US dollars which then made a profit of 14 million US dollars. Thanks to that income, this film lined up to become a successful film made by Fox International. This horror film tells the story of a couple named Maria (Sarah Wayne) and Michael (Jeremy Sisto) who are on holiday to India.

They finally decided to settle down and build their families in India. At first, their lives were fine, even they were blessed with two children named Lucy and Oliver. The two children were cared for by a caregiver named Piki who was a local resident. However, one day an accident left the family divided.

Synopsis The Other Side of the Door

A pair of lovers named Maria and Michael decided to vacation in India. After reaching there, they finally planned to settle down and build a family there. They are blessed with two children, Oliver the first son and Lucy the daughter. Both are cared for by a local resident who works for Maria and Michael named Piki.

Six years later, this family was struck by an accident that caused their car to enter the lake. In a critical position, Maria was only able to save Lucy, her youngest child. When he wanted to go back into the water and help his son, Oliver, local residents forbade him because of his very dangerous condition.

Maria dives Lucy first because Oliver’s feet are stuck in a car window. Finally, Maria could not save Oliver and the boy died. Despite surviving the accident, Maria was never able to live in peace. He felt guilty about leaving Oliver in the accident.

The mother then becomes moody, depressed and stressed. He even had to take a sedative so he was not haunted by guilt that constantly. Piki, unable to bear to see her employer sad every day, finally advised Maria to do something. The caregiver who comes from India’s hinterland believes in mysticism and wants to help the employer. He convinced Maria to visit an ancient temple that was believed to be the boundary between death and life.

At the temple, Maria will be able to talk to Oliver, but the conditions, Maria may not open the temple door whatever the reason. Although it doesn’t make sense, Maria still does Piki’s advice and apologizes to her child’s spirit. He went to the temple which is in the forest. Maria then waited until Oliver’s spirit came behind the door.

When Maria apologizes to Oliver, the boy who was killed in the accident forces his mother to open the door. Maria refused and said she could not open the door. However, Oliver forced and threatened to leave forever from Maria’s life.

Finally, Maria opened the door, but there was no one there. The next day, Maria tried to live her daily life as usual and kept the secret from where she opened the door to Piki. One day, strange events began to occur, Oliver’s belongings began to appear, even the plants near Oliver’s room were all dead.

Even though the plants around the house are all alive. From that moment on, Piki realized that Maria had opened the temple’s door. Apparently, the result of opening the door caused Oliver’s spirit to return home and invite a Myrtu.

Myrtu is a ghost guarding the world of death who wants someone’s life. He wanted Oliver’s life to return to the temple he was guarding. Piki tells Maria to burn all of Oliver’s belongings so that no more spirits will bother them. Piki who was impatient finally burned all of Oliver’s belongings.

However, Oliver at that time had turned into an evil spirit using Piki’s memories of his son to cause him to drown in the lake. After Piki’s death ceremony is over, Michael finally returns home and is angry with Maria.

Maria tells Michael that Oliver has possessed Lucy. But Michael doesn’t believe it and says Maria has turned into a crazy person. The spirit that possessed Lucy began to kill their family dog ​​and stabbed Michael. Maria has a plan to destroy the spirit by killing Lucy, but Michael does not agree.

Maria then said to Oliver that he would accompany her. He stabbed himself until he lost his life. Maria woke up alone in a room and Myrthu brought Maria to the world of the dead. Maria then woke up and felt alive again.

It turns out it was Michael who woke him up by doing the same ritual he did with Oliver. When Maria prevents Michael from opening the door, Michael has opened the door and the same terror incident is repeated.

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Duration: 96 Min
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