Vanguard (2020)

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The Vanguard 2020 film was canceled released on Saturday, January 25, 2020. The plan to launch the film right at the celebration of the Chinese New Year 2020 must be delayed until an undetermined time due to the outbreak of disease through the coronavirus.

The Vanguard full movie, starring the action actor Jackie Chan, tells the story of his action as a bodyguard of a wealthy businessman.

Synopsis Vanguard

The film revolves around a character named Tang Huating (Jackie Chan) who is the leader of a private security company called Vanguard. The company was given the task to protect a client who is a wealthy businessman after he received the threat of revenge from his enemy.

Unexpectedly, the enemy actually changed its target. Tang Huating and the children fruit consisting of Lei Zhenyu (Yang Yang), Shendiao (Zhu Zhengting), Zhang Kaixuan (Ai Lun), and Mi Ya (Miya Muqi) was forced to save the life of the daughter of the businessman who is now hunting the enemy.

The action became more interesting because the team members led by Tang Huating were human beings with unique characters. Lei Zhenyu is so deft and charming, while Shendiao is a smart kid who has a variety of sophisticated equipment.

Zhang Kaixuan has the most loyal character than the rest of the team, while Mi Ya is the only female member with martial arts skills that should not be underestimated.

Fact About Vanguard 2020

Although Jacky Chan is fairly old, the film Vanguard still presents many exciting action scenes. In addition to the street racing scene that drained the audience’s adrenaline, this film also showed the characters’ shrewdness in a battle in the water.

In fact, the scene almost claimed the life of Jackie Chan who had drowned during the shooting process. Jackie, who was used to playing without a stunt, reportedly had been thrown from his vehicle, then caught underwater.

After being out of sight for some time, the crew then came to their senses and immediately deployed two rescue boats. The rescue team can finally find Jackie and save her.

Besides showing a lot of action, the film Vanguard is also interspersed with many scenes with intriguing comedy retreats. In addition, this film will also present a slightly polished romance drama between a bodyguard and its clients.

Unfortunately, a number of film critics call Vanguard as one of the worst works of Jacky Chan. In addition to the use of CGI effects that are considered ‘excessive’, changing scenes from one location to another is also felt to be not going smoothly. A number of scenes mentioned clearly feel cut because most only use the fade-out effect.

The Vanguard film is scheduled to be released around the world at the commemoration of the 2020 Chinese New Year, January 25, 2020. However, the premiere of director Stanley Tong’s directives had to retreat due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China.

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